How to choose the right colour temperature for your LED Light Sheet

Colour temperature plays an important role in helping to set the correct ambience for lighting projects. 

Applelec offer a wide range of white LED colour temperatures for our LED Light Sheet.

Selecting the correct colour temperature for lighting design is an important consideration to ensure the desired ambience and appearance of any given space or project is successfully created. Lighting can be used to influence an individual's mood as well as help to convey the tone of a space with, for example, cool white LEDs selected to create a sleek and modern setting and warm white LEDs used to achieve a soft and atmospheric environment.

Colour temperature is measured in degrees of kelvin, where the cooler the white LEDs are, the higher the kelvin number rating will be:
- 5300K - 6500K: cool white (more blue in tone)
- 4000K: neutral (closer to daylight)
- 2200K – 3200K: warm white (more yellow in tone)

With the wide range of LEDs available for embedding in our LED Light Sheet, certain white LEDs are typically selected for particular projects. For retail, shopfitters and lighting designers tend to have our light panel created with cool white LEDs due to the number of practical benefits this colour temperature provides for retail application. Delivering crisp and clear illumination, cool white LED Light Sheet helps to create a space that is fresh and enticing. Often used for display shelving, cool white LEDs embedded in to our light panel showcases and highlights products, helping to achieve an eye-catching and impactful display. 

For residential interiors however, cool white LEDs may be less favoured and instead a more natural, softer light such as 4000K is often preferred. This option is particular useful in spaces where daylight is unable to reach, helping to brighten up gloomy areas with gentle illumination. It can also be advantageous when integrated in to cosmetic counters and changing room spaces, where a more sympathetic light is welcomed.

Warm white LED colour temperatures are frequently used in hospitality projects such as bar or restaurants, helping to create an inviting ambience and intimate space that connects individuals to their surroundings. This warm lighting creates a relaxed environment, encouraging individuals to unwind and stay longer in these pleasant settings.

For projects which require the design freedom to shift between cool and warm white colour temperatures, Applelec's LED Light Sheet can be created with our tuneable white LEDs, enabling a range of colour temperatures to appear within the one light panel.

To find the right LED colour temperature for your LED Light Sheet, get in touch with our knowledgeable lighting team for further advice.

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