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case study

Title: Eyes on Giverny
Client: Yorgos Studio

LED Light Sheet was selected to bring illumination to the Monet inspired glass artwork, Eyes on Giverny.

The bespoke art piece was backlit to enhance the vibrant colours and highlight the intricate detailing.

Applelec’s LED Light Sheet was selected by the glass art designers, Yorgos Studio to bring illumination to the Monet inspired art piece, Eyes on Giverny commissioned for installation at a London residential garden.

Comprising of three circular shapes of varying sizes, the artwork takes inspiration from Monet’s painting of his Giverny garden and mirrors the impressionism style with strong themes of nature, depicted through the use of vibrant colours and light.

The unique textural effects to Eyes on Giverny’s design were created with layers of laminated and toughened glass that were broken and shattered to produce a multiplicity of detail. Adding colour to the design, several layers of ink were painted into the cracks as well as surfaces of the glass and this along with the intricate patterns were further enhanced and highlighted with the integration of LED Light Sheet.

At 1500mm x 1500mm in size at their largest, the three circular LED Light Sheet panels were created using 8mm profile depths to slot neatly behind the artwork, ensuring the sleek design of Eyes on Giverny was not compromised. The artwork was integrated with a dimmer control to enable the illuminated art piece to be adjusted to the changes in natural light levels, creating ambient illumination during both day and night time hours.

Yorgos Papadopoulos, creative director of Yorgos Studio said: ‘As Eyes on Giverny was created for an external installation, LED Light Sheet was an obvious choice due to its durable qualities and suitability in outdoor environments. The bright colours of the art piece, complemented by the use of light, helped meet the design brief of capturing the radiant beauty of the Giverny garden in full bloom.’

The artwork was encased in metal frames to reflect the art deco elements of the residential home, connecting the external and internal spaces.

Photography: Yorgos Studio