A range of accessories are available for LED Light Sheet to ensure project aesthetics are met; these include controllers, dimmer switches, snap frames and fixings.



All internal LED Light Sheet panels are fitted with the Connect wiring system. Suitable for simple or complex wiring solutions, Connect features a range of component parts that connect and disconnect with ease. Splitters include a 2-way splitter, 6-way splitter and a T-splitter which can be attached to any wire, anywhere in the system using a crimping tool. Extension wires in 500mm, 1000mm, 1500mm and 2000mm lengths can be added to a maximum length of 5000mm (up to 5A).

Light Sheet Power Supply

Power Supply

Each LED Light Sheet panel is supplied with a power supply to suit project requirements. For indoor applications, each standard unit is fitted with a power unit with a three pin plug. For IP67 rated panels, an IP66 driver is supplied for hard wiring. Alternatively a bare end wire up to a maximum length of 3 metres may be fitted to the unit.

Power Boxes

Power Boxes

To minimise wiring of multiple panel projects, Powerboxes provide a simple solution. Available in 300W for standard white LED Light Sheet, 240W for dimmable panels and 216W for RGB projects, the Powerboxes help reduce wiring time onsite. With up to five fused 60W outlets (per 300W Powerbox), spider connectors can further increase the number of panels powered, dependent on their combined load.
For Powerbox datasheets call +44 (0)1274 774477

Lightsheet Spider Connector

Spider Connectors

Allowing up to four LED Light Sheet panels (LED load dependant) to be linked together and run from a single power supply, Spider Connectors are available in two wire lengths. The short four-port Spider links together panels positioned in close proximity, whilst the long Spider features four-ports each with a wiring range of 1500mm. Efficiency is maximized by utilising the LED load on the driver, whilst reducing the number of driver units required overall.

LED Light Sheet Controller


The LINEARdrive DC is a highly versatile, enclosed and easy to configure constant voltage driver/controller for indoor LED Light Sheet applications. The unit can be integrated within a network or used as a stand-alone device. To discuss a lighting effect, please contact the LED Light Sheet product specialists to discuss project requirements.

LED Light Panel Dimmer


The LED dimmer features a compact design and can be switched on and off without altering preselected dimmer settings. The LED Light Sheet range of dimmers include units that act as stand-alone devices with a manual lighting control function, or which can be used as a slave unit and interfaced within larger systems.

Portable Batteries

Portable Batteries

For LED Light Sheet panels located in areas without easy access to power, a range of portable, rechargeable batteries is a useful option. Fully waterproof and suitable for exterior locations, these 12v lithium polymer batteries are available in a range of sizes including small hand-held units. With a built in fuel gauge, the lightweight batteries are available in 4Ah, 8Ah, 10Ah, 14Ah and 22Ah sizes.



Variomount is a versatile wall panel mounting system designed specifically for LED Light Sheet. Variomount combines illuminated panels with sleek aluminium profiles to build modular wall features by mounting single or multiple rows of lit panels. In multi-row installations, central mounting profiles may be fitted with glass shelves to create illuminated shelving systems. The system is assembled with no visible fixings to create seamless wall installations.

LED Light Panel Snap Frame

Snap Frames

Bespoke snap frames fitted with LED Light Sheet panels create an evenly illuminated light-box with a depth of just 25mm. Constructed from aluminium and supplied with a silver anodised coating as standard, the frames can also be painted to match a project colour scheme. A single snap frame can be manufactured to a maximum size of 1 metre by 3 metres.

Flat Light Sheet Fixings


A versatile range of fixings is available for the LED Light Sheet panels, including stand-off wall mounts, hanging rod and cable systems and angle fixing frames.

LED Light Reel

LED Light Reel

The powerful LED strips embedded within LED Light Sheet are available on reels in a variety of Kelvin colour temperatures. Providing a complimentary solution to any lighting scheme using white LED Light Sheet, the LED reels can be colour temperature matched or used independently. Highly flexible, the LED reels are suitable for perimeter and contour marking and a variety of other purposes.

Sabre Light unit

LED Sabre Light

LED Light Sheet is complimented by bespoke LED bin matched linear lighting units suitable for internal display, pelmet and coving illumination. The ultra slim profile units are created in extruded aluminium and available in any length up to a maximum of 2000mm. Transparent and translucent acrylic lenses feature a choice of three beam angles at 30°, 60° and 90°; alternatively, transparent, white and diffuse covers are available.

Touch Technology

Touch Technology

Programmed using a capacitive touch sensor, LED Light Sheet is now contact sensitive. The sensor recognises changes of conductivity in the air which enables the charge emitted from the human body to control whether the LED Light Sheet panels are lit or not. This means turning LED Light Sheet on and off is as easy as a touch of the fingertips.