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Title: Light Impression
Client: Martha Freud Design

Enthralled by nature and regularly employing light in her creations, designer Martha Freud chose to illuminate her latest collection with LED Light Sheet.

The collection captures the ephemeral beauty of short lived organisms using a more permanent medium.

Titled Light Impression, Martha Freud’s new collection of imprinted porcelain is a result of her continued fascination with nature and explores capturing the ephemeral beauty of short lived organisms using a more permanent medium. Launched at the 2012 London Design Festival, the exhibition took place at The Hospital Club, Covent Garden’s exclusive members’ club for the creative industries.

Life forms that leave a fleeting trace on the earth such as the sprat fish of one of the exhibition’s most distinctive installations have been captured in porcelain tiles and illuminated by LED Light Sheet. The bespoke light unit provided a simple solution to bring light to Martha’s designs, with the tiles displayed in a variety of ways to illustrate their beauty in isolation or combination. From solitary tiles to those grouped together to form larger sequences covering vast sections of wall, the pieces glow softly and evocatively.

Martha Freud explains: ‘Being able to use light that is so evenly distributed while taking up so little space has made this collection of backlit tiles possible. The light emphasizes the detail of the impressions and makes us look at these everyday objects in a new way.'

Ali Hillman, creative projects manager at The Hospital Club says: ‘This new work is a natural evolution of Martha’s signature style. Continuing to take inspiration from nature, this range embodies the subtle beauty of practical yet delicately hand rendered light objects for the home, creative and commercial space.’

Granddaughter of Clement Freud and named after Sigmund Freud’s wife, Martha Freud is a talented furniture designer who has established a name for herself in her own right. With a fresh and unconventional approach to creating nature-infused pieces, Martha designs and creates furniture, lighting and tableware. Her pieces use light and shadows to highlight depth and relationships and to set-up interactions with surroundings.

Images courtesy of Martha Freud Design.