Edge Lighting - The Perfect Backlighting Solution

Considering the use of an edge-lit source for backlit installations, Applelec's RIBA CPD seminar is available to all UK architect practices and can be booked to take place at practice offices or at our London and Bradford showrooms.

The seminar takes an in-depth look at backlighting with LED Light Sheet and focuses on how panels can be adapted to suit specific projects. In addition, the presentation examines how edge-lit panels can provide a creative solution to complex or difficult backlit designs. Lasting one hour, the seminar includes full visual support, product samples and refreshments.

The seminar outlines:

  • Technical information on LED Light Sheet
  • How panels can be built and adapted to suit specific projects
  • Power management options
  • Project examples showing how light panels provide a backlighting solution
  • Advice on installation methods

To arrange a presentation of our RIBA CPD seminar please contact our seminar administrator on riba@applelec.co.uk