Special Projects
case study

Title: Illuminated headboard
Client: Well-done, Medium Or Rare

Architecture practice Well-done, Medium Or Rare selected innovative materials including LED Light Sheet to create a New York loft influenced interior that balances industrial style with high-tech comfort.

At just 6mm or 8mm thick, LED Light Sheet can be easily fitted into a range of installations, including bespoke furniture.

The Grade II listed building in Covent Garden is a private residence which uses LED Light Sheet in a distinctive way. In the bedroom, a headboard created with a unique wood product called Luminoso, has been illuminated with a discreet LED Light Sheet panel. The wood is fused with fibre optic strands that allow a small amount of light to pass through its surface and create soft, dreamy illumination.

WMOR Architect Jon Beswick explains: ‘We had been looking for a solution to illuminate the feature headboard when we met the team from Applelec at the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards. LED Light Sheet was being used in portable canapé trays which caught our attention and as soon as we understood how the product worked, we realised it was the solution we had been looking for with the Luminoso headboard.’

The flat’s owner, an Oscar winning composer, has an interest in mechanics and this is reflected in the sparse, industrial design of the rooms. One building in particular provided a source of inspiration. The visible infrastructure systems of the Centre Georges Pompidou famously features plumbing, climate control and electrical systems encased in brightly coloured pipes which are revealed by the building’s exposed skeleton.

The Modernist design of the Covent Garden flat notes this concept with colour-coordinated pipes that flow around each room. Drawing attention to the mechanical systems of the flat, slim blue pipes carry electrical wiring whilst copper and red pipes denote hot and cold water.

Credits: Images courtesy of Well-done, Medium Or Rare