Corporate Identity
case study

Title: St Luke’s Hospital, Bradford
Client: Stella Corrall

A new way-finding system at St. Luke’s Hospital, Bradford uses light, colour, shapes and repeated motifs on the theme of ‘Yorkshire at its Best’ to enhance orientation for people who live with dementia.

LED Light Sheet illuminates artworks at department entrances to highlight visitor routes.

Work by a team of designers, including lead artist Stella Corrall, plays a fundamental role in creating a welcoming hospital environment whilst bringing beauty into the corridor spaces and aiding way-finding. The £513,000 scheme was funded by the Department of Health with arts in healthcare organisation LIME ART part of a multidisciplinary project team led by Bradford NHS Foundation Trust staff.

Eight department entrances across two floors of the hospital’s Horton Wing were renovated in the process with a different theme relating to Yorkshire life developed for each area. Considering orientation from a fresh perspective, Applelec’s LED Light Sheet was selected to illuminate artworks at department entrances to highlight visitor routes.

Providing a slim design which fitted easily into wall mounted frames, Stella Corrall used LED Light Sheet to backlight her bespoke plastic sheet artworks which are created from scratch being coloured and manipulated using techniques such as hairpin crochet. Positioned at department entrances, the lit artworks help with way-finding and are designed to balance with the specially designed internally-lit area number signs suspended from the ceiling.

Stella Corrall said: ‘The development of the simplified signage ultimately led to my wanting to use Applelec’s LED Light Sheet, to enable me to create beautifully simple statement pieces. In one installation which is based on the theme of water, reflections and ripples, the translucency of my sheet artwork is highlighted in the lit entrance frame. We wanted to create an overall immersive style, so that the user is completely at ease throughout their visit, remembering foremost we want to ease anxiety, frustration and confusion.’