Special Projects
case study

Title: West London Garden Room
Client: Lite House Europe Ltd

Subtly glowing against a cool central London night sky, this bespoke garden installation features long, straight unembellished Corian benches and a hypnotic fire and water feature, all illuminated by LED Light Sheet panels.

LED Light Sheet brings light to a bespoke fitted garden for the ultimate in outdoor glamour

One of the many highlights of a luxurious private house in central London, the garden room was created by renowned landscape architect Kim Wilkie with lighting design supervision provided by Peter Sargent of Lite House Europe Ltd. Like a bespoke fitted kitchen, the garden’s illuminated furniture has been made-to-measure by Corian and Lite House to reflect an outdoor space which is elegant, clean and minimal.

The garden room installation features LED Light Sheet panels created to an IP67 rating, which have been fitted together to illuminate the top and side surfaces of six metre long Corian benches and a square fire and water seating centrepiece. The distinctive etched grid lines of LED Light Sheet, which transport light from the embedded LEDs across the surface of the sheet, are completely diffused when the unit is positioned behind the Corian structure. Indeed Corian surfaces can be beautifully and evenly illuminated by LED Light Sheet for both internal and external applications including exterior building cladding.

With longer days approaching and spring’s weather turning brighter it’s time to start reclaiming exterior spaces. As this project demonstrates, LED Light Sheet can be used for striking exterior lighting installations for private residences or commercial spaces such as hotel rooftops and terrace bars.

Images courtesy of Lite House Europe Ltd