What is the maximum size LED Light Sheet Panel?

Applelec answer your LED Light Sheet Frequently Asked Questions...

LED Light Sheet can be created to any shape and is available in a range of sizes.

All lighting projects are highly diverse and unique in their requirements and as a result, many schemes require a more bespoke product than an ‘off the shelf’ LED solution. Helping to facilitate this is Applelec’s LED Light Sheet, which can be manufactured to individual specifications. 

The made to measure LED panel can be created to any shape and is available in a range of sizes to suit specific project requirements. From our small LED panel sizes, which can be integrated into retail designs to create precise, focus lighting for product displays, to our largest light panel size available at 1500mm x 3000mm. This vast LED Light Sheet panel is ideal for architectural lighting, where a large covering of illumination is required to backlight decorative surface materials such as onyx, to create stunning light wall features. To further increase the spread of light, multiple LED Light Sheets can be placed together to fill the desired space.

Providing quality of light, the LED Light Sheet features a patented grid pattern that is etched onto the LED unit to ensure that even with our largest light panel, there is no drop in light. The matrix pattern delivers bright and consistent illumination throughout the unit, regardless of panel size.

For light panels with a maximum width of 800mm, a 2.8mm grid pattern is etched into the LED Light Sheet panel and for LED units that are over 800mm in width; these would feature an engraved grid pattern of 5.6mm. This ensures that no matter the size or shape of the LED unit, the selected grid size acts as a vehicle to evenly distribute light throughout the LED Light Sheet panel.

We always recommend for light panels that are 1500mm squared or above to feature a 2mm, thick white Dibond backing to prevent any shadowing and ensure the illumination is completely uniformed throughout the LED panel. With this however, the thickness of the light panel will increase, so it is essential to take this into consideration when designing your project. Our lighting team will be more than happy to advise further on your requirements, just give them a call + 44 (0)1274 774477
or email sales@ledlightsheet.co.uk.

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