Applelec inspires at Clerkenwell Design Week

LED Light Sheet ‘Inspire’ panel created for Monotype’s WordPlay project at Clerkenwell Design Week.

The word inspire was chosen as it is relevant to all passing visitors as they attend the festival seeking inspiration and in the hope that people would be inspired to use light in a different way.

Applelec is proud to have taken part in WordPlay, an outdoor exhibition organised by typesetting and typeface design company, Monotype. The project sought to ‘bring type to life and celebrate its influence on the world’ as part of London’s Clerkenwell Design Week. Several companies created a number of typography interventions across the EC1 area for the duration of the festival, each inspired by Clerkenwell’s history as a publishing and printing area. The words explore, see, discover, experience, enjoy, inspire and celebrate were displayed through numerous mediums including vinyl, wood, metal and glass.

Applelec’s Inspire piece involved one 2.5 metre wide panel of LED Light Sheet with the word inspire cut out of it. The panel was built into an aluminium frame and placed on a Victorian red brick wall above The Dovetail bar on Jerusalem passage, a key walkway for visitors of the festival. The raw appearance of LED Light Sheet was complemented by the bold stencil style font choice and the brick wall it was mounted on to, giving the piece a very industrial look.

Visitors were encouraged to take photographs of the installations and share on various social media networks tagging the image with #WordPlay. The project had a fantastic response and added a fun, treasure hunt element to the festival.