Applelec team up with Lucentia Design art studio

Collaborating on an illuminated feautre wall for this year's surface material and lighting event, Surface Design Show in London.

Applelec's Dynamic White LED Light Sheet created freedom to alter the mood of the feature wall.

Teaming up for this year's Surface Design Show, Lucentia Design and Applelec collaborated on a material based feature wall which was displayed at Lucentia Design's exhibition stand during the event.

The feature wall displayed botanical inspired designs which were printed onto a translucent, non-PVC material. The printed artwork was layered onto the front as well as reverse side of a sheet of opal acrylic and this layering of the nature themed designs added a level of depth to the feature wall.

Providing illumination for the wall, the printed artwork was backlit by Applelec's Dynamic White LED Light Sheet. Running from 2700K to 6500K, the light panel's adjustable LEDs created freedom to change the appearance of the feature wall throughout the exhibition, altering the mood of the stand space.

Stella Corrall Lucentia Design's creative director said: 'The use of Applelec's Dynamic White LED Light Sheet created a breath of light for the feature wall and once illuminated, the light panel highlighted the detailing in the artwork designs. By creating layers over Applelec's LED Light Sheet, we have found a beautiful new dynamic to our work and with the combination of the light panel's tuneable LEDs we have a wealth of creative options available to us.'