LED Light Sheet for Clerkenwell Design Week installation

For a second year running, Applelec is delighted to be a part of Clerkenwell Design Week.

LED Light Sheet was the ideal LED system, with almost limitless made to measure properties.

For a second year running, Applelec is delighted to be a part of the creative and inspiring London design festival, Clerkenwell Design Week. Last year we supplied SloanLED PosterBOX 3 LED modules to provide illumination to the stunning geometric, Corian sculpture Order, which was created by creative build specialists Aldworth James & Bond. For the 2018 Clerkenwell Design Week, we are once again lending our lighting expertise to bring illumination to the impressive Royal Approval installation by art and design studio, Kinetech Design.

The light sculpture will be situated at the beautiful St John’s Gate, which is where the design for the installation takes its influence from. Inspired by the rich, Shakespearean history of its archway location, Kinetech Design’s Royal Approval pays homage to this iconic period by mirroring the distinct and elegant design of an Elizabethan ruff.

We were delighted to have been approached by Kinetech Design to provide our lighting manufacturing expertise and work together on finding the right LED solution to ensure Kinetech Design’s creative vision for the Royal Approval light installation would be achieved.

The lighting requirement for the vast, 3m sculptural ruff was to create bright, even and homogenous illumination. To achieve this, Applelec’s LED Light Sheet was the ideal LED system, as the light panel offers almost limitless made to measure properties and features a super slim profile.

Each LED Light Sheet panel was created to bespoke shapes and sizes and was integrated into the structure to backlight Royal Approval, which provided emphasis to the structure’s kiri-origami design. The back illumination created the appearance of light glowing from within the sculpture as well as slicing through the narrow apertures of the structure’s design, achieving a contemporary element to the historically inspired light sculpture. 

The narrow 8mm width of the LED Light Sheet panels enabled the LED unit to slot seamlessly into the sculpture without compromising the overall design of the CDW installation. As the light panel is so slim, this created the desired effect of light and sculpture appearing as one entity.

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