LED Light Sheet illuminates the AP Sunrise Mirror

LED Light Sheet brings to life the intricate patterns and designs etched onto the surface of the AP Sunrise Mirror.

LED Light Sheet adds bold modernity to the elegant AP Sunrise Mirror.

Specialists in the creation of innovative mirror-glass products, Alguacil & Perkoff have selected Applelec's LED Light Sheet to backlight their latest design, entitled the 'AP Sunrise Mirror'.

With the option to display the Sunrise Mirror in an illuminated or non-illuminated state, the integration of LED Light Sheet enhances textures and colours on the surface of the mirror. Discreet in the mirror's non-illuminated state, light reveals an intricate sunburst design etched onto the surface of the mirror.

The sunburst effect was achieved by removing a circular disc from the inner section of the bespoke LED Light Sheet panel and embedding warm white, 4100K LEDs, around the aperture. This placement of LEDs forces light outwards, highlighting both the mirror's circular design and the lined pattern etched onto its surface.

Serge Perkoff, co-founder and director of Alguacil & Perkoff said: 'We selected Applelec's LED Light Sheet as we were looking for a backlighting solution that would provide consistent and bright illumination across the surface of the mirror. LED Light Sheet achieves another level to the design by creating variations in the way the Sunrise Mirror can be experienced and the ambiance it creates.'