A match made in heaven

Back-illumination from Applelec LED Light Sheet and beautiful, decorative surface material...

Backlighting helps elevate the appearance of surface material

Backlighting is the perfect accompaniment to decorative surface material, helping to elevate the appearance of surface material by bringing colouring and detailing to life.

Demonstrating just how different surface materials can look when non-illuminated to illuminated, Applelec LED Light Sheet has been integrated to backlight Grama Blend’s beautiful Tiger Onyx. 

[Images provided by: Grama Blend UK | Stone: Ultra-Lightweight Tiger Onyx Cross Cut]

The inclusion of Applelec LED Light Sheet adds depth to the colouring and helps pick out the intricate details and patterns swirled within the surface stone.

With Applelec LED Light Sheet being a bespoke backlighting product, our LED light panel can be created with a variety of white colour temperature LEDs to suit the different tones of surface material.

This striking illuminated Krion piece features both cool and warm white Applelec LED Light Sheet panels. The bespoke light sheets were selected to match the pearl and yellow colouring of the surface material, achieving two distinctive looks that complement the hues of the Krion solid surface, helping to further enhance the appearance of the surface material and create an elegant and interesting feature piece.

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